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2016-08-22 07:03:40

'Alabama Rot' horror dog disease confirmed in Salisbury area Dog walkers are urged to remain cautious and vigilant after a case of 'Alabama Rot' was confirmed in the Salisbury area. The mysterious illness claimed the life of a flat coated retriever just before Christmas. His owner lives in the Woodford Valley but it's not clear where exactly the dog picked up the disease. 'Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy' to give it its proper name, has been known since the late 1980's in the USA. Since 2012 there have been 64 confirmed cases of Alabama Rot across the UK including in the New Forest area. Dogs reported with the disease can suffer kidney failure and/or skin lesions. Experts don't yet know the cause of the disease but investigations are ongoing, as yet there's also no known cure. Another dog, a cocker spaniel called Pippa, also died after picking up the disease in woods in Marlborough. Heart breaking : Pippa died after contracting Alabama Rot A range of breeds have also been identified as being at risk from the disease. Hampshire based Anderson Moores vets are specialists in Alabama Rot, Laura Holm from there wants all dog owners to be vigilant: "People are incredibly worried about this illness. Obviously a large part of what contributes to that worry is how little is still known about it, and the fact that unfortunately some of the dogs who develop skin lesions go on to develop kidney failure which can be, unfortunately, fatal for them." "It is important to stress that clearly the majority of dogs who go out for a walk and come back with something that looks like a cut, it probably, honestly, will be a cut. But even a cut or a graze, or a sting, or a bite could still need veterinary attention. I think anything owners are concerned about they should definitely at least call their local vet and discuss it with them." Laura Holm also added by saying that there is a great deal of ongoing work directed towards looking at the cause(s) of this horrible disease: "The aim with this is to find out if there is something acting as a 'trigger' which we could either avoid dogs getting exposed to, or (for example) develop a vaccine against." "Another important aspect of ongoing work right now is to try to develop tests to confirm the diagnosis in the live patient as sadly, right now, cases can only be confirmed by examining kidney tissue under the microscope in the laboratory once the patient is deceased." "We also want to try to identify which dogs will get skin lesions but not kidney failure, versus those who are at risk for developing kidney failure. And finally of course we want to try to identify the most appropriate treatment options for these dogs in the hope that in future dogs will not die from this condition." LISTEN TO MORE: Hear more advice from Laura Holm, whilst continuing to read the rest of this report. Laura is speaking to Spire FM's Mike Draper (click play): SPOTTING THE SYMPTOMS What does Alabama Rot look like? Alabama Rot skin lesions may look like this Skin lesions: Sores or redness which are a symptom of disease rather than a traumatic wound from an injury. Typically the lesions, which are about the size of a 5p coin, have been on the paws or legs but they can also be on the body, face, tongue or even mouth. Kidney failure, vomiting, not eating or tiredness. What should I do? The advice is: if you are concerned about your dog then seek veterinary help. Early recognition of the the disease is vital. What else can I do? You may want to think about bathing any area of your dog that becomes wet or muddy on a walk, however Anderson Moores stress they are not sure if 'this is necessary' or 'any benefit". WHO IS PAYING FOR THE RESEARCH? Vet, Laura Holm, has also told Spire FM that money is an issue with finding a treatment or cure: "There Ray Ban RB4057 Sunglasses Havana Frame Crystal Brown
Ray Ban RB4057 Sunglasses Havana Frame Crystal Brown is no central funding for this research. All past and ongoing research is only possible because of the fundraising which has been done and the generous donations made to the NF Dog owners group and to Jessica Worthingtons Crowdfunding page.".

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