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2016-08-22 07:03:40

an insane Japanese pop culture explosion The list of things that are great about Japan is a long one, but if I was forced to choose just four things they might be Tokyo, anime, J pop and video games. If you feel the same way get ready, because I have the thing for you. Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE (that weird symbol is 'sharp', from musical notation, not a hashtag) is a sugary explosion of all the sillier parts of Japanese pop culture, seeing a talent agency and its various idols locked in conflict with mysterious 'mirages', invaders from another dimension. Taking place in modern day Tokyo, the game tasks you with building up the cast's fighting and performance skills to take on menacing enemies in demonic versions of locales like Shibuya 109. It's ridiculous and it knows it but it's very enjoyable. The game was originally conceived as a crossover between two blockbuster franchises: Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei and Nintendo's Fire Emblem. While fans will recognise elements of each game (and players of the SMT spin off series Persona will feel right at home), FE really is its own beast. Musical interludes are beautifully animated and feature some seriously catchy songs. Stretches of dialogue and non combat gameplay will cover familiar ground for Japanophiles, but the story is competent and the characters endearing enough that I was happy to put down the controller from time ot time to watch it all unfold. The dialogue is all Japanese with English subtitles, a choice that may annoy some but ultimately works well given the motif. Combat is a delightful blend of fighting and idol style live performance. Exploiting an enemy's weaknesses not only deals extra damage, but allows allies with the appropriate skills to jump in and 'session' off the attack, creating crowd pleasing combos. Each of your characters is bonded to a friendly mirage which transforms into a variety of weapons as you collect different souls from enemies. Each weapon in turn teaches you new skills, in a neat and easy to grasp system that sees your troupe grow in strength over time. Like many Japanese games, the intertwining systems take a bit of getting used to, but FE is comparatively uncomplicated when you look at the two series' that inspired it. In fact the game never really gets too difficult, although you may need to take time off from the story to grind through battles and get stronger from time to time. Hardcore RPG fans may be left unsatisfied Ray Ban RB4170 Sunglasses Grey Frame Grey Gradient Lens
Ray Ban RB4170 Sunglasses Grey Frame Grey Gradient Lens by the relative simplicity, but what FE lacks in gameplay depth it more than makes up for in style, music and unadulterated cheesy fun. Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE is out now for Wii U. Follow Digital Life on Twitter The story Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE review: first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald. Latest News Daiso Japan has exploded in Australia but are its $2.80 items really a bargain?Germany is a nation on the edgePlebiscite campaign takes shape amid division between marriage equality supportersThe lawyer, the smash repairer, and the car napping rortCensus 2016: Why young people fail to have their say Editor Picks Bunbury doctor completes Australia crossing in single propeller aeroplaneRussian ban opens Rio door for Bunbury rowerPrescription problemHBL Lions continue to roarPolice pursuit ends in crash PhotosBunbury doctor completes Australia crossing in single propeller aeroplaneDalyellup man to face court over 1993 sexual assaultSouth West to benefit from grant fundingRussian ban opens Rio door for Bunbury rowerBunbury in play sayLabor.

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