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2016-08-22 07:03:40

Allergic Boy Is Taken Off Allegiant Plane On a recent family trip, Giovanni Alvarado had to be removed from a plane after experiencing a severe allergic reaction. Instead of sympathy, though, fellow passengers reportedly started clapping as the seven year old boy and his parents exited the aircraft. The family was on a "bucket list" trip to Bellingham, Washington. Giovanni's father, George, has terminal throat cancer and they aren't sure how much time he has left to live. "He began to get very itchy and he was scratching all over," the boy's mother, Christina Fabian, told the network. "He started to get hives, so we informed the flight attendant who informed us that there's dogs on every flight and just smirked, which minimized his experience for me." Giovanni's reaction delayed the plane's departure and the airline decided that the family should disembark. As they grabbed their personal items, people sitting at the back of the plane started clapping. And now Allegiant is apologizing to the family, who flew home on Wednesday instead. "We are truly sorry for the unfortunate circumstances surrounding their previously ticketed itinerary and for the inconvenience they have experienced as a result," it said in a statement quoted by the New York Daily News. Like a number of airlines, Allegiant allows passengers to travel Ray Ban RB4057 Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Green Polarized Le
Ray Ban RB4057 Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Green Polarized Le with pets in the cabin. It only allows people to bring domestic cats and dogs, and all of them must be taken in carriers that fit under the plane's seats. The airline provides no guarantee of an allergen free flight. Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter It's tempting to start digging in the garden once the weather warms up, but you could end up sneezing as a result. Dragoo recommends avoiding outdoor chores that can stir up pollen, like gardening or cutting the grass. "Delegate that to someone in your household who doesn't suffer from allergies," he suggested. If that's not possible, Sublett recommended wearing gloves and a NIOSH rated N95 filter mask. If you do need or want to spend some time in the great outdoors, try to time it for just after the rain, he said, which decreases the effects of pollen. And wear glasses or sunglasses when outside, Sublett suggested, to help keep pollen from getting in your eyes. "A common allergy mistake to avoid is to wait until symptoms begin to start taking your allergy medication," Sublett said. "It's best to begin medicating about two weeks before symptoms typically begin." If you're looking for a medication to help relieve your symptoms, Dragoo suggests looking for one with an antihistamine and/or decongestant both if your allergies are severe. Antihistamines block the effects of histamine, which is produced by your body in response to allergens and causes symptoms like sneezing and itchy eyes. A board certified allergist is the best trained health professional for performing allergy testing and treating your allergies and their related conditions effectively, Sublett said. "Self treating with over the counter allergy medications can be ineffective. Allergy sufferers should be under the regular care of a board certified allergist who will provide the best, individualized treatment for their allergies." If you don't currently have an allergist, talk to your family doctor about getting a referral. To keep pesky pollen, grass and other allergens at bay, keep your windows closed in the morning and at dusk, when allergens are at their peak. Avoid exercising during those times, as well. "If you're running at that time of day, you're basically inoculating yourself," says Lee. Take a shower after being outside to scrub off pollen and other allergens. Same goes for Fido. Give your pets a good washing so they're not dragging pollen into the house. More from AOL Health: Spring Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers Surprising Side Effects of Allergy Medication Worst Allergy Season in 10 Years This ingredient, found in many spicy foods, comes from the chili pepper plant and can act as a pain reliever. It may also clear up your congestion. An over the counter nasal spray for allergies, called Sinol, uses capsaicin. Your spice cupboard is home to a host of tasty allergy remedies. "Get involved in your senses and enjoy spices that inadvertently make your food healthier," says Lee. Both tumeric and ginger are powerful anti inflammatories that may help reduce nasal and sinus inflammation. And unlike medications, they are also high in antioxidants. Lee says you can reduce inflammation and add more vitamins to your diet all at once by drinking two to three cups of ginger tea a day or cooking with two to four grams of tumeric a day.

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