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2016-08-22 07:03:40

An Inside Look at Calhoun BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. We're getting an exclusive look inside the Calhoun Liberty Hospital in Blountstown where Barbara Dawson went to be treated. Instead, she was arrested and died shortly afterward. We also spoke with the hospital's CEO for the first time since the release of the dash cam video from her arrest. Many have seen police video released by Dawson family attorneys. It shows some of 57 year old Barbara Dawson's final moments of life. Friday, the CEO of Calhoun Liberty Hospital, Ruth Attaway, shows us where it all started. We got a look one of the six emergency units inside Calhoun Liberty Hospital, similar to the one Dawson was in on the morning of her arrest. CEO Attaway says when she saw the police video, it had a profound effect on her, both personally and professionally. "It's always sad when we hear any negative comments. We feel like we've come a long way here at the hospital and we want to take it to the next level," Attaway says. Before moving forward, the hospital is answering questions focused on details such as, why was Barbara Dawson taken off of her oxygen? "I know that the oxygen was disconnected and the only reason for getting the tube out of the way was because she was tripping on it, so that was for safety," Attaway told us. Barbara lived across from the hospital and frequently visited the emergency room. Her family says doctors and staff knew she always used her oxygen tank. According to the hospital, once a patient is discharged they're still able to determine their vitals outside of the hospital using a small device that detects their blood oxygen level and their heart rate. A typical level is around 97. According to the video that night, Barbara Dawson's was 98. But even with a healthy oxygen reading, Barbara knew she wasn't okay. "Help me! I can't breathe!" Dawson can be heard saying in the dash cam recording. Dawson died from a blood clot in the lungs less than an hour later. The hospital says Monday it plans to announce the launch of a new task force. Holmes. The hospital says the goal is to develop ways to better serve the community. Thursday, the Florida Department of Health issued a statement regarding the death of 57 year old Barbara Dawson. Dawson died at the Calhoun Liberty County Hospital on December 22, shortly after being arrested for refusing to leave the hospital upon her release. The statement from the Florida Department of Health reads: "The Florida Department of Health is deeply concerned with the events that transpired at Calhoun Liberty Hospital. It shows Blountstown Police Officer John Tadlock arriving at the Calhoun Liberty Hospital in the wee hours of December Ray Ban RB3467 Sunglasses Arista Frame Brown Gradient Lens
Ray Ban RB3467 Sunglasses Arista Frame Brown Gradient Lens 21st. Though the video only includes glimpses of Dawson as she is escorted to the patrol car, the audio clearly captures the struggle as she begs to stay, and repeatedly says she cannot breathe. Dawson died of a blood clot in her lung within hours of the confrontation. The family watched this video for the first time today. "The video was very, very tough for me," said Dawson's cousin, Martha Smith Dickson. "I had my napkins, and I was just crying, and it was very surprising to me. The video has some things in there that I was so shocked of, because the hospitals are supposed to save people. That's their goal, is to save. Not hurt and harm." Barbara's brother, Stafford Dawson, said, "When I had seen the video and seen that they were taking the oxygen away, I knew it wouldn't be long. Then just to watch them out there for over 20 minutes, just letting her lie on the ground, thinking that she was just playing possum. You know, I don't know if I can ever overcome this." Both the Blountstown Police and Calhoun Liberty Hospital have released statements in response to the videotape. Their full statements can be read below. The attorneys representing the family of Barbara Dawson, the woman who died at a Blountstown Hospital in December, have released a video from a police cruiser dash camera. A press conference was held at the office of Parks and Crump Wednesday morning where the video was released to the media.

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