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2016-08-22 07:03:40

Alcohol our worst drug problem WHEN people talk about drug problems and substance abuse they rarely pause to consider alcohol. However, when chairperson of the Griffith Drug and Action team (CDAT) Pat Cox was asked what was the biggest drug used by the people of Griffith, her immediate answer was alcohol. Riverina Regional AOD Program Co ordinator Sid Barone said abuse of the drug was prevalent in the area because it is not only legal and accepted, but also expected. "As a young person it's a rite of passage to drink alcohol, Ray Ban RB4175 Sunglasses White Frame Brown Lens
Ray Ban RB4175 Sunglasses White Frame Brown Lens on your 18th birthday, and even before then as we all know," Mr Barone said. "It's something we use when we celebrate and it is a large part of our culture." Mrs Cox said the normalisation of excessive alcohol consumption was a troubling aspect of modern society. "People wear alcohol consumption as a badge of pride," she said. "There is a perception within the community that ice is the worst drug, because it is in your face and violent. "People on ice are very visible because they are often unpredictable and their downfall is dramatic, it can ruin peoples lives very quickly. "But alcohol slowly chips away at people's health and lives and can have devastating consequences. "The reality is overuse has a big impact on people's lives and their property because those who are under the influence cause a lot of damage." Mrs Cox said the culture of alcohol abuse was particularly troubling in sport and sports teams. With sport a large feature of the Australian psyche the pervasive drinking culture inherent in sporting teams makes it difficult for individuals to resist. "When we go to sports functions now there is always alcohol, and if you don't drink in any social setting it makes people uncomfortable," Cr Cox said. "Hopefully we can reduce this and good sports programs can be developed that don't focus on drinking." Equally troubling for Mrs Cox is the failure by the general community to realise it is an offence to supply underage youth with alcohol. "At CDAT we are opposed to irresponsible use of alcohol and is irresponsible when mates and parents buy alcohol for young people it is an offence," she said. "We need to reduce the concept that alcohol is fine, because it's not.". CDAT offers a support group for the families of those who are affected by alcohol abuse. The service is informal and will provide guests with an opportunity to discuss their issues with others who understand.

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