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Amorous kangaroos make for once "We eventually caught the lamb and got it backwith its mum but, as it had alreadyaltered my evening plansI decided to go exploring down the track it had led me on," Mr Blocksidge said. Excited at the prospect of finding anew trail Ray Ban RB4147 Sunglasses Light Havana Frame Crystal Light Brown
Ray Ban RB4147 Sunglasses Light Havana Frame Crystal Light Brown that he could use for tours in the Margaret River region, Mr Blocksidge wandered along before looking back up the hill where he noticed two kangaroos getting "a bit amorous". At first he just thought "that's a pretty cool scene" but, then he said it got about "a hundred times better" as the full moon started to rise. "I had a problem though. no camera." Margaret River tourism operator Sean Blocksidge snapped a stunning series of photographs on Tuesday night. Photo: Sean Blocksidge Mr Blocksidgerushed backto the car to grab his cameraand then headed back up the trail to find a nice spot to get a good shot of the spectacular scene unfolding in front of him. However, then disaster struck. The full moon rises behind a pair of kangaroo lovers in Margaret River. Photo: Sean Blocksidge As he started to zoom inon the courting kangaroos and the rising moon, the camera died. "It wouldn't focus and started making sick electronic whirring sounds. Years of clunking, droppingit, getting sand and salt water on it and a general lack of care were combining to kill the camera at the very moment I needed it most. The amorous kangaroos begin their courtship. Photo: Sean Blocksidge Mr Blocksidge he "fair dinkum nearly had a heart attack" at that point and was terrified he wouldn't be able to immortalise the moment. "This wasthe best thing I've ever seen and I wasn't going to be able to get photo of it," he said. The roos in the heat of the moment. Photo: Sean Blocksidge "But, at that moment I think karma kicked in and nature decided to give one back to me for the lamb rescue. "The camera started working, the kangaroos moved a bit closer and the moon moved into perfect position. Click, click, click got it!" The resulting photos were jaw dropping and the best snap(of the two love sick kangaroos looking at each other while the moon rises behind them)has gone viral after Mr Blocksidge posted itto The Margaret River Discovery Company's Facebook pagewhere ithas attracted more than 1,300 likes and 550 shares. "You could plan and wait for years to get photos like that I was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. "And, speaking of gettinglucky the big fella in this photo go lucky shortly after this picture." However, WAtoday can nowreveal the more amorous pictures where the male buck and his doe get down to business, which Mr Blocksidgesays could continue the circle of life.

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