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2016-08-22 07:03:40

American Airlines suspending service from Waterloo Region to Chicago this October American Airlines is suspending its twice daily flight service between the Region of Waterloo International Airport and Chicago O as of Oct. 5. The low Canadian dollar and profit reductions are to blame, according to Regional Coun. Tom Galloway. the airport and airline business, we learned it two steps forward, three steps back. Two steps forward, one step back. One step forward, and two back, Galloway said. really unpredictable. American Airlines first established its twice daily, non stop jet service between Waterloo Region and Chicago back in June 2012. Since that time, more than 170,000 passengers have used the service. companies are in the business of making money and if they can make more money some place else, that where they going to go, Galloway said. And in this case, the plane is moving to Akron, Ohio. have so many assets, so many planes. If they can make money somewhere else, that really it, Galloway Ray Ban RB3484 Sunglasses Arista Frame Crystal Grey Mirror Lens
Ray Ban RB3484 Sunglasses Arista Frame Crystal Grey Mirror Lens said. our route was profitable and they had no complaints about our fees and charges, they redeployed this plane to Akron, and go into Chicago and make more money. added that the company covers its expenses, such as leasing airplanes and salaries for pilots, in American dollars. really is a suspension of service, Galloway said, clarifying that it doesn mean the service is necessarily cancelled. really would caution people that a use of words we heard before, but it doesn mean they be back in six months or anything. It kind of does leave the door open and the door is open for any airline to come back." In the meantime, Galloway said other airlines have been in conversation with regional staff, and with existing clientele, another airline may step up to meet the need. think in the long term, we really going to be well positioned as Pearson Airport is reaching capacity, Galloway said. in a good position to deal with that, he said. But local jobs could be impacted by the airline suspension of service. could be some jobs affected. Some of the support services at the airport that provide fuel, maintenance and ground services will be affected, he said. Galloway added there was no hint American Airlines was pulling out of the region, except that they have recently pulled out of other Canadian cities, such as London International Airport, which now has no cross border flights to the United States after having the service for almost 40 years. think in the long term we well positioned and we do fine, Galloway said. just we have to expect and the people watching the airport business have to expect that it going to be two steps forward, one step back and hopefully it more steps forward than back, but it just the nature of the business. not unlike other kinds of businesses. Tom provided plenty of info. I add some more: 1) 1800 people murdered in Chicago, already, this half of the year. gov tax, which Canada gov also taxes when entering Canada (Libertarian Party of Canada wants to eliminate this tax). But driving across the border is free, both ways. American Airlines could make plenty of seasonal cash flying out of YKF to FLL and/or MIA because of NY Emperor Cuomo DHS CBP agents at Lewiston and Niagara Falls illegally implementing NY state laws, rather than USA laws, on Floridian snowbirds. residents to fly out of YKF.

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